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Enrolment for Industry Schemes

Employers under Industry Schemes have an obligation to properly enrol their casual employees in the schemes

Employers in the catering and construction industries are required to enrol both “casual employees” and regular employees in Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) schemes and make contributions for them. Casual employees are those engaged in the catering or construction industry by an employer on a day-to-day basis or for a fixed period of less than 60 days. Even if the casual employees have worked for only one day, the employer must make MPF arrangements for them.

MPF Industry Schemes are MPF schemes specially designed for the catering and construction industries. Currently, a large number of employers in both industries participate in the Industry Schemes. For more information about the Industry Schemes relating to employers, please click here

One of the special features of the Industry Schemes is that casual employees can open accounts with the two Industry Schemes themselves to make it easy for their employer to make MPF contributions for them. However, if the casual employees do not have an account under the same Industry Scheme that the employer has registered with, the employer has an obligation to enrol its casual employees in a scheme and make contributions on time.

There has been a misunderstanding by some employers under the Industry Schemes that casual employees have to open an account with an Industry Scheme in advance or that it is the responsibility of casual employees to enrol in an Industry Scheme. As a result, these employers did not enrol their employees in an Industry Scheme even though they made MPF contributions for them. The information relating to these accounts is then incomplete, as the trustee will be provided with only the names and Hong Kong Identity Card numbers of the casual employees. The trustee will not have their contact information, so their accounts will be referred to as “accounts with incomplete information”.

The MPF benefits may be left unattended indefinitely, as the casual employees may not be aware of any accounts being held in their name with incomplete information and will therefore not claim these MPF benefits. Furthermore, the trustee will be unable to contact these account holders to provide them with the related MPF documents and information.

Enrol casual employees in an Industry Scheme

When engaging casual employees, an employer opting for an Industry Scheme should first check with the employees to see if they have an account under the same Industry Scheme the employer is registered with. If they do, then the employer can do away with the enrolment procedure. The employer simply needs to ask the employees to provide their MPF account number printed on their membership card (commonly known as “casual employee cards”) so that they can conveniently make contributions for the employees.

Employers should note the following when enrolling their employees in a scheme:

  • Under the legislation2, employers are required to submit the enrolment form to the trustee within the first 10 days of employment of a casual employee; and
  • Employers should ensure that the following information is provided by the employee in the enrolment form:
    • the full name of the casual employee;
    • the HKID card number;
    • the date of birth;
    • contact information (residential address and telephone number);
    • the employee’s investment choices, if any; and
    • the self-certification.
The requirements relating to Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (AEOI) apply to MPF schemes starting from 1 January 2020. For all new MPF accounts open on or after 1 January 2020, the account holder (including employee and self-employed person) is required to complete a self-certification which includes tax residency (i.e. declaring whether he/she is a tax resident outside Hong Kong). The account opening procedures could not be completed by the trustee if the account holder fails to provide the self-certification.

For details in relation to AEOI, visit the websites of Hong Kong Trustee’s Association and Inland Revenue Department.

Providing the contact information of casual employees

The trustees of the relevant Industry Schemes will regularly provide the casual employees with important information, such as monthly statements and annual benefit statements. If the contact information (e.g. residential address and telephone number) of the casual employees is incomplete, the trustee will be unable to contact the employees and the employees will not be able to receive this information.

If employers have employed casual employees and have not yet provided their contact information to the trustee of the relevant Industry Scheme, they should send the contact information of the employees to the trustee as soon as possible to complete the account opening procedure.

Please note that under the MPF legislation, employers have an obligation to enrol casual employees in an MPF Scheme. Therefore, the disclosure of employees’ personal information to trustees by employers is in line with the requirements regarding the collection and use of personal information under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

Should you have any queries about the arrangements of the Industry Schemes, please feel free to contact the trustees of the relevant Industry Schemes (Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited’s (BCT) employer hotline: 2298 9388; Bank of East Asia (Trustees) Limited’s (BEA) hotline: 2211 1777) or call the MPFA hotline on 2918 0102.

Casual employees can enrol themselves in Industry Schemes

Although it is ultimately the employer’s obligation to enrol its employees in an MPF scheme, casual employees are advised to open casual employee accounts with both Industry Scheme trustees in advance. As casual employees under the Industry Schemes, this is convenient for them, as they do not have to open a new account when changing jobs, as long as their new employer has joined one of the Industry Schemes. For more information about Industry Schemes relating to employees, please click here.

Both trustees of the Industry Schemes, BCT and BEA, have recently launched their own online enrolment platforms to allow casual employees to enrol in their respective MPF Industry scheme anytime, anywhere.

The online enrolment platform is accessible by computer, tablet or mobile phone. Casual employees can even use e-signature to complete the enrolment on tablets or mobile phones, making it quick and simple.

To access the enrolment platforms, please click the following links:

Bank of East Asia (Trustees) LimitedBank Consortium Trust Company Limited
QR Code to BEAQR Code to BCT

Alternatively, casual employees can contact BCT and BEA directly and fill in an application form for enrolment purposes.

For more details, please contact the trustee(s) of the relevant Industry Schemes (Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited’s employee hotline: 2298 9333; Bank of East Asia (Trustees) Limited’s hotline: 2211 1777) or call the MPFA hotline on 2918 0102.

1 The two Industry Schemes are “BCT(MPF) Industry Choice” and “BEA(MPF) Industry Scheme”.
2 Any employer who is prosecuted for failing to enrol its employees into an MPF scheme is liable to a maximum fine of $350,000 and imprisonment for three years on conviction.

Last Revision Date: 30/12/2019