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Consultations and Conclusions

Responses to the Consultation Paper

Respondents who have no objection to the publication of their names and the content of their submissions  (Total: 118) 

2.AllianceBernstein Hong Kong Limited
3.Allianz Global Investors
4.AMP Capital
5.Arris Partners Ltd.
6.Asia Pacific Real Estate Association
7.Audrey Hui
8.Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited and Bank of East Asia (Trustees) Limited
9.Bank of Communications Trustee Limited
10.BCT Group (BCT Financial Ltd / Bank Consortium Trust Co)
11.BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited
12.Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong
13.Caritas Family Crisis Line and Education Centre
14.Central and Western District Council (Cultural, Leisure & Social Affairs Committee)
15.Chan Kam Chung
16.Chan Kwun
17.Chik Chiu Ming
18.Chin Yue Sang
19.Chinese Academy of Governance (HK) Industrial and Commercial Professionals Alumni Association
20.Chiu Sai Chung Eric
21.Chui Chan Kit
22.Cititrust Limited
23.Citizens for Fair Pensions
24.Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited
25.Consumer Council
26.Democratic Party
27.Dimensional Fund Advisors Pte. Ltd.
28.Employers' Federation of Hong Kong
29.Equal Opportunities Commission
30.Federation of Hong Kong Industries
31.FIL Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited
33.First State Investments (Hong Kong) Limited
34.FWD Pension Trust Limited
35.Gain Miles Assurance Consultants Limited
37.Henry Yau, W.K. Yau
38.Ho Yan Wai
39.Hong Kong Catholic Commission For Labour Affairs
40.Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions
41.Hong Kong Financial Planner General Union
42.Hong Kong Investment Funds Association
43.Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association
44.Hong Kong Trustees' Association
45.Hong Kong Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs Association
46.HSBC Provident Fund Trustee (Hong Kong) Limited and HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Asia) Limited
47.ICI Global
48.Icy Cheung
49.Inland Revenue Department
50.Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong
51.Invesco Hong Kong Limited
52.Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited
53.Jason Cheng
54.Jonathan Tang
55.Lam SY
56.Lee Shunwai
57.Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong Ltd.
58.M Chan
60.Mercer Investments (HK) Limited
61.Michelle Chau
62.Mok Ka-man Harrison
63.Morningstar Investment Management Asia Limited
64.MPF Ratings Limited
65.Mr Au
66.Mr Cheng
67.Mr Ho
68.Mr Kwok
69.Mr Kwok Tat Po
71.New Century Forum
72.New People's Party
73.Noble Apex Advisors Limited (Submission 1)
74.Noble Apex Advisors Limited (Submission 2)
75.Northern Trust
76.Patrick Leung
77.Peter H.Y. Wong
78.Principal Hong Kong
79.Rizwan khan
80.Sivler Lam
81.State Street Global Advisors Asia Ltd.
82.State Street's Global Services and Markets
83.Stephen Wong
84.Sun Life Asset Management (HK) Limited
85.Sun Life Hong Kong Limited
86.Sun Life Trustee Company Limited
87.SY Ho
88.Tam Tsz Chun
89.Tang Yiu Chung Vincent
90.The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
91.The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
92.The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
93.The Federation of Hong Kong & Kowloon Labour Unions
94.The Hong Kong Association of Banks
95.The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (Submission 1)
96.The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (Submission 2)
97.The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers
98.The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (Kwai Tsing Service Group)
99.The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions Rights and Benefits Committee
100.The Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association
101.The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts
102.The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
103.The Professional Commons
105.Tom Lam
106.Towers Watson Investment Services Hong Kong Limited
108.Vanguard Investments Hong Kong Limited
110.Yu Chi Leung
118.Respondents at Public Affairs Forum of Home Affairs Bureau

Respondents who have no objection to the publication of the content of their submissions but request to have their names withheld from publication, or have not provided their names  (Total: 147)

1.Respondent 1
2.Respondent 2
3.Respondent 3
4.Respondent 4
5.Respondent 5
6.Respondent 6
7.Respondent 7
8.Respondent 8
9.Respondent 9
10.Respondent 10
11.Respondent 11
12.Respondent 12
13.Respondent 13
14.Respondent 14
15.Respondent 15
16.Respondent 16
17.Respondent 17
18.Respondent 18
19.Respondent 19
20.Respondent 20
21.Respondent 21
22.Respondent 22
23.Respondent 23
24.Respondent 24
25.Respondent 25
26.Respondent 26
27.Respondent 27
28.Respondent 28
29.Respondent 29
30.Respondent 30
31.Respondent 31
32.Respondent 32
33.Respondent 33
34.Respondent 34
35.Respondent 35
36.Respondent 36
37.Respondent 37
38.Respondent 38
39.Respondent 39
40.Respondent 40
41.Respondent 41
42.Respondent 42
43.Respondent 43
44.Respondent 44
45.Respondent 45
46.Respondent 46
47.Respondent 47
48.Respondent 48
49.Respondent 49
50.Respondent 50
51.Respondent 51
52.Respondent 52
53.Respondent 53
54.Respondent 54
55.Respondent 55
56.Respondent 56
57.Respondent 57
58.Respondent 58
59.Respondent 59
60.Respondent 60
61.Respondent 61
62.Respondent 62
63.Respondent 63
64.Respondent 64
65.Respondent 65
66.Respondent 66
67.Respondent 67
68.Respondent 68
69.Respondent 69
70.Respondent 70
71.Respondent 71
72.Respondent 72
73.Respondent 73
74.Respondent 74
75.Respondent 75
76.Respondent 76
77.Respondent 77
78.Respondent 78
79.Respondent 79
80.Respondent 80
81.Respondent 81
82.Respondent 82
83.Respondent 83
84.Respondent 84
85.Respondent 85
86.Respondent 86
87.Respondent 87
88.Respondent 88
89.Respondent 89
90.Respondent 90
91.Respondent 91
92.Respondent 92
93.Respondent 93
94.Respondent 94
95.Respondent 95
96.Respondent 96
97.Respondent 97
98.Respondent 98
99.Respondent 99
100.Respondent 100
101.Respondent 101
102.Respondent 102
103.Respondent 103
104.Respondent 104
105.Respondent 105
106.Respondent 106
107.Respondent 107
108.Respondent 108
109.Respondent 109
110.Respondent 110
111.Respondent 111
112.Respondent 112
113.Respondent 113
114.Respondent 114
115.Respondent 115
116.Respondent 116
117.Respondent 117
118.Respondent 118
119.Respondent 119
120.Respondent 120
121.Respondent 121
122.Respondent 122
123.Respondent 123
124.Respondent 124
125.Respondent 125
126.Respondent 126
127.Respondent 127
128.Respondent 128
129.Respondent 129
130.Respondent 130
131.Respondent 131
132.Respondent 132
133.Respondent 133
134.Respondent 134
135.Respondent 135
136.Respondent 136
137.Respondent 137
138.Respondent 138
139.Respondent 139
140.Respondent 140
141.Respondent 141
142.Respondent 142
143.Respondent 143
144.Respondent 144
145.Respondent 145
146.Respondent 146
147.Respondent 147

Number of respondents who request non-publication of both their names and the content of their submissions: 1


Total number of responses: 266

Last Revision Date: 11/03/2015