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MPFA to conduct Request for Information exercise for the eMPF Centralized Platform

The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) today (28 March) commences a Request for Information (RFI) exercise, openly inviting submissions from interested parties with relevant experience in various aspects on the provision of information for the design, building and operation of the eMPF centralized platform (Centralized Platform).

The MPFA was entrusted by the Government to design, develop and operate a user-centric Centralized Platform to standardize, streamline and automate the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme administration process.

An MPFA spokesperson said the Centralized Platform is developed for over 4 million employees, self-employed persons and MPF personal account holders, as well as nearly 300,000 employers. These stakeholders will be able to manage MPF easily, conveniently and efficiently with the Centralized Platform.

The spokesperson added that the Centralized Platform is more than an information technology project, it is with which new ideas would be introduced for reform and enhancement of the MPF System. Once the platform comes into operation, it will transform user experience in managing MPF accounts, enhance operation efficiency, and reduce the administrative costs of the MPF System, hence creating room for further fee reduction.

To benchmark the latest market intelligence and operation solutions, the MPFA is inviting interested parties with relevant experience to provide information in relation to the design and development of the Centralized Platform, cyber security risk management service, operating models for MPF scheme administration, as well as implementation and deployment strategies. Information gathered will facilitate the MPFA in charting the digital transformation strategy, preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP) exercise, and contemplating amendments to the legislation for the Centralized Platform.

Parties interested in providing information about the Centralized Platform should enrol no later than 17:00 of 18 April. For details, please visit the designated MPFA web page.


28 March 2019


Last Review Date: 28/03/2019