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MPFA launches one-stop MPF Fund Platform mobile application

Further to the roll-out of the website version of the one-stop MPF Fund Platform (Platform) to help MPF scheme members have a better understanding of the performance and fees level of MPF funds, the MPFA launched the mobile application (app) of the platform today (10 July). The app provides a one-stop solution for the public to examine information about different MPF funds and compare their management fees, investment performance, etc., on smartphones or tablets, any time, anywhere.

The app has many functions which were made available previously in four separate online platforms (the Fund Performance Platform, Fee Comparative Platform, Low Fee Fund List, and DIS (Default Investment Strategy) Fund List). The Platform also shows each of the components of the management fees of MPF funds, namely the administration/trustee/custodian fee, the sponsor fee, and the investment management fee. A personalized feature of the app which allows scheme members to select and save up to 10 MPF funds for comparison is available with choices of interface style, ranging from a table, chart or side-by-side view (see Figure), to suit the users’ preferences. This app is an easy, convenient and practical tool supplementary to the website version.

An MPFA spokesperson said, “In order to enhance the transparency of information about the MPF funds, the desktop version of the Platform was launched in late April and the response has been positive with over 90,000 visits recorded. The app will encourage MPF scheme members to pay closer attention to fund information. Together with the repository of MPF scheme documents, they will be able to make informed choices in selecting high value-for-money funds that meet their personal needs. The MPFA expects the Platform to further enhance the transparency of information about the MPF funds such that industry competition is promoted, through which the market forces will further drive down the fees of MPF funds. 

Members of the public can search for ‘MPF Fund Platform’ in the iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store, or scan the QR code below for free download of the mobile app.



10 July 2019


Last Review Date: 16/07/2019