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MPFA to commence the tender procedure for the eMPF Platform

The MPFA today (9 December) released the request for proposal (RFP) package for the eMPF Platform project, openly inviting interested tenderers to submit proposals on or before 9 April 2020.

An MPFA spokesperson said that the MPFA will observe the Agreement on Government Procurement of the World Trade Organization principles (i.e. non-discrimination, transparency, and procedural fairness) for the RFP exercise. The RFP is structured into three categories and interested tenderers are required to bid for all categories in a bundling approach:

Category A -  eMPF solutions and application maintenance;
Category B -  Infrastructure, maintenance and information security; and
Category C -  MPF Scheme operation services, transformation services and user delivery services.

The contract period of the eMPF Platform project comprises a two-year implementation period and a seven-year operation/ maintenance period. The contract is subject to extension for a minimum of one year up to a maximum of three years.

Parties interested in submitting proposals are requested to enrol in advance with the MPFA. The MPFA will tentatively hold four briefing sessions respectively on 16 December 2019, 6 and 20 January 2020, and 24 February 2020 respectively to provide an overview on the eMPF Platform and walkthrough requirements of the RFP exercise. For details, please refer to the public notice on the latest update on the RFP exercise for the eMPF Platform project (

The MPFA was entrusted by the Government in 2018 to design, develop and operate a user-centric eMPF Platform to standardize, streamline and automate the MPF scheme administration process. The eMPF Platform aims to improve operation efficiency, enhance transparency of fees, strengthen data integrity and security, and promote innovative technology for the benefit of scheme members. It is expected that the award of tender would be made in the second half of 2020 and the Platform would be launched in phases starting from 2022.

An MPFA spokesperson said that the eMPF Platform is designed to serve the working population in Hong Kong. Tenderers not only have to meet the technical requirements of the project, but are also required to provide quality MPF services with a vision to serve the community and commit to the long-term development of Hong Kong. The eMPF Platform project will cover digital technology applications, digital transformation strategies and administration of MPF schemes. The MPFA encourages companies with the above expertise to form consortia to submit tenders.


9 December 2019


Last Review Date: 09/12/2019