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MPFA issues addendum to the request for proposal documents for the eMPF Platform project

The MPFA today (27 March) issued an addendum to the request for proposal (RFP) documents for the eMPF Platform project to provide an alternative route for interested tenderers to fulfil the tender requirement.  

The MPFA launched an RFP exercise for the eMPF Platform project, openly inviting interested tenderers to submit proposals on or before 29 April 2020 at 5 pm (Hong Kong time). The RFP is structured in the following three categories and interested tenderers are required to submit proposal for the three categories in a bundled manner:

Category A -  eMPF solutions and application maintenance;
Category B -  Infrastructure, maintenance and information security; and
Category C -  MPF scheme operation services, transformation services and user delivery services.  

Owing to the complexity of the eMPF Platform project, which requires different expertise and experience at different stages, companies interested in tendering for Categories A and B may form consortia with companies with expertise in Category C (the operation of the Platform) in order to fulfil the tender requirement. The newly issued addendum states that, when assessing whether the requirement for Category C (possessing operational experience in retirement or pension industries) is fulfilled, apart from considering the tenderer’s own experience, the experience of the tenderer’s sub-contractors will also be recognised.

An MPFA spokesperson said that, since the commencement of the RFP exercise, the MPFA had received feedback from interested tenderers regarding the search for consortium partners for Category C. The MPFA is also aware of the negative impact on the global economy and financial markets by the recent COVID 19 outbreak. In order to encourage interested tenderers to submit qualifying tenders, after balancing all factors including the need to maintain quality tenders, the MPFA decided to issue an addendum to the RFP documents to provide an alternative route for fulfilling the tender requirement, which is in the public interest while encouraging market competitiveness.

An additional fifth briefing session will be held on 2 April 2020 at 3pm on the details of the addendum for interested tenderers. For details, please refer to the public notice on the latest update on the RFP exercise for the eMPF Platform project (


27 March 2020


Last Review Date: 27/03/2020