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MPFA blog - Employees should learn more about their MPF rights for better retirement protection

In his latest blog post published today (3 May), MPFA Chairman Dr David Wong recommended that employers should make good use of the Employment Support Scheme (ESS) in the second round of the Anti-epidemic Fund announced by the Government earlier to retain employees during the current economic downturn to help safeguard their livelihoods and welfare. Expressing his hope that the Hong Kong economy will rebound after the epidemic is contained, he appealed to all employers and employees to work together to overcome the challenges, so as to provide impetus to the speedy recovery of the economy.

Since the announcement of the ESS, there has been considerable interest in the community on the coverage of the MPF System. Dr Wong said that the MPF System covers various sectors and industries, as well as different modes of employment with an aim to help the workforce establish investment discipline and save for the future. As the logic goes, “the more you know, the better the job you can do”. Employees should understand the MPF System and ways to protect their rights and strengthen their retirement plans. He went on to elaborate on situations that can be easily confused, including part-time employees, temporary employees in the construction and catering industries, employees aged above 60, small enterprises and self-employed persons.

The MPFA has stepped up its efforts to promote MPF-related knowledge to the workforce during the Labour Day period. One of the key initiatives is the publication of the Employees’ Handbook on the MPF (available in Chinese only), which provides comprehensive MPF information for employees so that they can learn more about their MPF rights, as well as how to manage their MPF for a better retirement.

For the full version of the article, please visit the MPFA blog. The blog is in Chinese only.


3 May 2020


Last Review Date: 03/05/2020