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Employees’ Handbook for easy understanding of MPF

The MPFA today published a new Employees’ Handbook on MPF to introduce the main features of MPF from the perspective of employees and self-employed persons (SEPs) and explain what they should be aware of in different stages of their careers, providing a comprehensive understanding of the MPF rights, obligations and protection they are entitled to.

The Handbook illustrates different situations employees and SEPs may encounter and covers a wide variety of themes and topics, including choosing and enrolling in an MPF scheme, managing MPF investments, handling MPF accounts when changing jobs, withdrawing MPF upon retirement, and various MPF rights and obligations that scheme members need to be aware of.

Using lively illustrations specially designed for specific situations, the Handbook addresses common issues that employees and SEPs may have in workplaces. Readers can also scan the QR codes in the Handbook to access MPFA’s digital tools, online platforms and mobile apps.

The MPFA attaches great importance to promotion and education for MPF scheme members, said an MPFA spokesperson. The MPFA will continue its promotional activities to help disseminate MPF knowledge to employees and SEPs, allowing them to cultivate a better understanding of their MPF rights and obligations, and the key to managing MPF to ensure better retirement planning.

The new Handbook is now available on the MPFA website. Members of the public can subscribe to and download the electronic version of the Handbook online. (Note: The Handbook is available in Chinese only).


4 May 2020


Last Review Date: 04/05/2020