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MPFA encourages scheme members to manage MPF via digital channels to minimize social contact

In view of the recent surge in the number of local COVID-19 cases, the MPFA urges the public to handle MPF matters through digital channels as far as practicable to reduce social contact.

With safeguarding the health of the public and its staff as a priority of consideration, members of the public are highly recommended to make enquiries through MPFA’s email ( or MPFA’s hotline (2918 0102) instead of visiting the MPFA offices in person. This is not only convenient and time-saving, but can also reduce social contact which helps prevent the spread of the virus.

An MPFA spokesperson said, “In general, most visitors to the MPFA offices make enquiries related to personal accounts, withdrawal of MPF and making MPF contributions. Scheme members can obtain such information from MPFA’s website and by using its online tools. MPF information and frequently asked questions are available on MPFA’s website ( Members can view details of their MPF personal accounts through MPFA’s e-Enquiry of Personal Account (ePA) platform / mobile app. They can also manage their MPF accounts easily with MPFA's one-stop MPF Fund Platform / mobile app which allow them to examine information about different MPF funds and compare their management fees and investment performance.”

Scheme members who need assistance on individual MPF schemes may contact their MPF trustees directly in order to save time. Furthermore, MPF trustees provide different digital services for employers to make contributions and for members to manage their MPF.

Members of the public are advised to make reservation through MPFA’s hotline if there is any practical need (e.g. submission of documents) to visit the MPFA offices in person. All visitors should strictly follow MPFA’s infection prevention guidelines, including wearing surgical masks and cleaning hands using sanitizer, before entering into the offices. Information such as the locations and office hours of the MPFA offices are available on MPFA’s website.


11 July 2020


Last Review Date: 13/07/2020