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12 October 2001

To : All Approved Trustees of Registered Schemes

Dear Sirs,

Forms MPF(S)-P(M) and MPF(S)-W

In order to apply for the transfer or withdrawal of accrued benefits from an MPF scheme, the applicant has to fill in the Forms MPF(S)-P(M) or MPF(S)-W respectively. Recently the Authority has received enquiries on whether it is necessary for the applicant to provide a copy of his/her identity card together with these forms to the approved trustee in making an application.

The current wordings in the forms regarding copies of identity card are drafted in the anticipation that many applicants would choose to provide a copy of their identity cards instead of presenting them in person for verification purposes. It is not the intention of the Authority to prescribe that a copy of the identity card of the applicant must be obtained together with the forms. Approved trustees should exercise their professional judgement in formulating their own applicant identity verification process which provides adequate protection against human errors or fraud without infringing the privacy of the applicant, and modify the wordings of their forms where necessary.

Please note that pursuant to section 47A(2) of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance, substantial, rather than strict, compliance with forms specified or approved by the Authority is sufficient. For the avoidance of doubt, the Authority hereby confirms that a Form MPF(S)-P(M) or Form MPF(S)-W would still be in substantial compliance with the requirement of the Authority if the only difference is the removal or modification of the reference to identity card copy of the applicant.

Should you have any questions in connection with the above, please feel free to contact your case officer at the Authority.

Yours faithfully,

(Ms Hendena YU)
Chief Operating Officer (Compliance)

Last Revision Date: 17/10/2014