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Beware of bogus calls purportedly from MPFA staff members

The MPFA has received an enquiry from a member of the public who received a suspicious call made by a person claiming to be an MPFA staff member, with the incoming call display showing the same phone number as that of the enquiry hotline of the MPFA (2918 0102). Other enquiries were made previously with the MPFA about calls from people claiming to be staff members or representatives of the MPFA, or someone commissioned by the MPFA. The callers said they had some “important information about the MPF” and invited the members of the public to face-to-face meetings.
Members of the public should note the following:
  • The MPFA hotline (2918 0102) is used only for incoming calls from members of the public and is never used to contact them.
  • The MPFA never contacts people by phone or through any other channel to sell them MPF products or to set up meetings to do so. Nor does the MPFA ever commission anyone to do so.
The MPFA suggests that if you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to work for or represent the MPFA, write down the caller’s name, title and contact number, and call the MPFA Hotline (2918 0102) afterwards to check whether the caller is a staff member of the Authority. You should contact the Police immediately if you suspect a call is a scam.

Last Revision Date: 27/08/2018