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Crime syndicates inducing scheme members to make false MPF claims

The MPFA alerts MPF scheme members to be vigilant against unsolicited calls from suspected crime syndicates that offer to help them make early withdrawal of MPF benefits by inducing the scheme members to make false statements, in return for a commission fee or handling charge.

Typically, the caller claims to represent a finance company and offers to help the scheme member apply for early withdrawal of MPF benefits by inducing the member to make a false statutory declaration on the ground of permanent departure from Hong Kong. The syndicate's commission fee or handling charge is usually based on a percentage of the amount of MPF benefits withdrawn by the member.

The MPFA reminds scheme members that making a false declaration is a criminal offence that is punishable by imprisonment and a fine. The MPF is a saving scheme for retirement, and withdrawing MPF benefits early will have an impact on the member's savings for retirement.

The MPFA maintains close contact with the Police and MPF trustees and will continue to work with them to combat such crimes. Further, scheme members are reminded not to disclose personal information to any unknown third party.

Last Revision Date: 27/08/2018