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Calculator on retirement needs

Please enter the following information to calculate your retirement needs

Your anticipated monthly expense during retirement (include all cost of living, medical expenses, etc.)
(today's value)


Your current age
  18 100  


Your expected retirement age


Your life expectancy


Your expected rate of return during retirement (include interests from savings account, or returns from other investments)


Expected inflation rate


Calculation Result
Monthly expense (future value) (Note 1) $ 261,109.20
Amount you need when you retire (future value) (Notes 2 & 3) $ 12,226,910.21
Amount you need when you retire (today's value) (Note 3) $ 374,614.45


  1. Monthly expense for the first month in retirement, and the amount will increase according to inflation rate afterwards.
  2. The amount you need when you reach retirement, which has included the effect of inflation.
  3. Only estimate your needs during retirement, and no amount will be left at the end of your retirement.

Last Revision Date: 16/10/2012


The above calculator is based on certain assumptions including hypothetical data input by the user. It does not take into account individual needs or circumstances. The results generated by the above calculator are for reference only and are not intended as and cannot be a substitute for professional investment advice. The MPFA shall not be liable for any human or mechanical errors or omissions in or any reliance placed upon the results. The MPFA shall not be liable for the consequences of any decision or action taken upon or as a result of the information provided by the above calculator.