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What We Offer

I. Shared Values

Commitment, quality, teamwork and community perspective: these are the core values of MPFA. Together they represent the attributes we seek in our staff members.

The MPFA is committed to its role as a regulator in ensuring compliance with the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance. We demand of our staff the utmost integrity and honesty at all times as we work together to fulfil our statutory obligations.

Our staff has been recognized for service excellence, both in commendation letters from appreciative members of the public and in the form of awards such as the Ombudsman’s Awards for Officers of Public Organizations. These awards and commendations are testimonies to the fine qualities of our staff members.

We are an equal opportunities employer and endeavour to provide a workplace free of discrimination.

II. Rewards and Recognition

We strive to provide a fair and competitive remuneration package that rewards staff’s efforts and contributions. Fringe benefits for staff include annual leave, medical and dental benefits, insurance coverage and MPF. Performance-linked variable pay may be granted to staff at the discretion of the Management Board.

Recognition of staff’s contributions is essential to workplace enthusiasm. Staff recognition awards are offered to our staff members every year for their dedication to MPFA, for demonstrating the corporate core values in their work, and so forth.

III. Training and Career Development

We attach great importance to staff training and development, offering programmes to develop their capabilities in the workplace, and enrich their organizational and job knowledge. Some of these include:
  • knowledge sharing sessions;
  • management development programmes;
  • training courses on business knowledge; and
  • training in technical/professional skills and communication skills.

Staff members are also nominated to attend or speak at seminars and conferences. This facilitates both local and international exchange, and widens their professional exposure and network.

IV. Work-life Balance

As a caring employer, MPFA believes in providing a good work-life balance for our staff. Through our Staff Welfare Committee, we regularly organize staff social activities such as bowling competitions, interest classes, day trips to the country side, an annual staff dinner, etc. There are also a number of interest clubs formed by our staff that organize activities for the enjoyment and relaxation of staff and their family members.

We support and encourage our staff to get involved in volunteer activities that reach out to members of the community who need help. An MPFA Volunteer Team actively engages our staff, their family members and friends to render voluntary services.

Last Revision Date: 22/10/2014