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Basic Requirements for ORSO Schemes

Basic Requirements for ORSO Schemes

Employers who operate occupational retirement schemes that fall under the ambit of the ORSO are required to apply to the MPFA for registration or exemption of their schemes under the ORSO. In respect of a new scheme, the application must be made to the MPFA within three months after the employer has entered into a contract with his or her employees for the setting up of the scheme. It is an offence for any employer to operate, contribute to, or otherwise participate in a scheme or enter into a contract with his employees under which membership of a scheme is provided without the necessary approval of registration or exemption from the MPFA.

Periodic Fee of ORSO Schemes
Scheme TypeAmount (in HK$)
applicable before 1 Jan 2018
Amount (in HK$)
applicable on or after 1 Jan 2018
ORSO Exempted Scheme600940
ORSO Registered Scheme participating in a pooling agreement1,2001,800
ORSO Registered Scheme not participating in a pooling agreement2,4003,700

Last Revision Date: 26/06/2020