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Offer the Option Between an MPF Exempted ORSO Scheme and an MPF Scheme

  1. Offer the option to new eligible employees

    *applicable to MPF exempted ORSO schemes only

    According to the Exemption Regulation:

    • employers of an MPF exempt ORSO scheme are obliged to offer new eligible employees the option to choose between the ORSO scheme and an MPF scheme no later than 10 days after the employees become eligible;
    • employees are then required to respond in writing with their choice no later than 30 days after they become eligible; and
    • new eligible employees who fail to respond within this period will be deemed to have chosen the MPF scheme.

    Employees must be provided with sufficient information, as specified in the Exemption Regulation, to make an educated choice. This information includes the differences between the MPF and ORSO schemes, along with illustrative examples, in terms of:

    • the governing rules;
    • the contribution rate;
    • the vesting scale;
    • the rights and benefits enjoyed by scheme members; and
    • the preservation and transferability of minimum MPF benefits, if applicable.


    Employers are required to ensure the information is clearly passed to employees in Chinese and English, as appropriate.

  2. Offer the option upon reduction of future benefits

    *applicable to MPF exempted ORSO registered schemes only

    According to the Exemption Regulation, should the relevant employer decide to reduce any member’s future benefits or rights under an MPF exempted ORSO registered scheme, the member is to be given an opportunity to become a member of an MPF scheme.

    Comparative Information of MPF Exempted ORSO Schemes and MPF Schemes

Last Revision Date: 26/06/2020