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MPF Intermediaries Examination

Candidates to become MPF intermediaries and some existing intermediaries are required to pass a qualifying examination as part of the registration requirements. Specifically:

New applicants must take and pass the examination within one year prior to applying to become an MPF intermediary.

Subsidiary intermediaries who have not registered within three years immediately before the date of application need to take and pass the examination again to re-register.

Subsidiary intermediaries who have failed to complete continuing training and had their registration revoked will need to take and pass the examination again to re-register.

The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Examination (conducted by the Vocational Training Council) and the MPF Intermediaries Examination (conducted by the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute) are the qualifying examinations specified by MPFA as meeting the examination requirements to be an MPF intermediary.

Both examinations are based on the same syllabus and cover the following information:

  • regulatory framework;
  • key features of the MPF System;
  • functions of MPF trustees;
  • MPF schemes and investments;
  • interface arrangements between ORSO schemes and the MPF System; and
  • regulation of MPF intermediaries

Study notes have been prepared to assist those interested in taking an examination and becoming a qualified MPF intermediary. Candidates are recommended to study the Examination Syllabus (March 2017 Update) and the Study Notes (March 2017 Update) for the MPF Intermediaries Examination.

For more information on the enrolment and examination schedules, please contact:
  • Vocational Training Council (“VTC”) Tel: 2919 1467 / 2919 1468 / 2919 1478
  • Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (“HKSI”) Tel: 3120 6220

Last Revision Date: 22/06/2020