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On-going Requirements on MPF Intermediaries

Reporting of Change

Intermediaries must report any relevant change in writing to MPFA within seven working days.

For Principal Intermediaries ("PI"), relevant changes include:

  • a PI ceases to carry on any regulated activity;
  • a subsidiary intermediary ("SI") ceases to be Responsible Officer ("RO") of PI;
  • a change in the addresses or any contact details of PI; or
  • the acquisition, suspension or cessation of Type A regulatee qualification.

For Subsidiary Intermediaries ("SI"), relevant changes include:

  • a change in the name, address, or any contact details of SI;
  • the acquisition, suspension or cessation of Type B regulatee qualification; or
  • an SI ceases to be an RO of PI.

Prescribed forms are available for PI and SI to report these changes in the Forms section.

Penalty for Non-compliance 

  • A PI or SI who fails to report relevant changes commits an offence and may be liable to a fine of up to HK$50,000.

MPF registered intermediaries may view their registration details through the following link:

Principal Intermediary ("PI")

Subsidiary Intermediary ("SI")

Last Revision Date: 17/11/2014