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MPFA Articles

MPFA Articles

December 2018

Unclaimed Benefits Enquiries

Generally, Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme members can withdraw their MPF after reaching the age of 65. However, some members may not withdraw their benefits when they reach 65 for various reasons, such as death, incapacity or simple forgetfulness. If members remain unreachable despite repeated attempts by the trustee to contact them, their MPF benefits are classified as unclaimed benefits.

What should a member or his family do if they want to know whether he or his family member has any unclaimed benefits? Members of the public may check out the Unclaimed Benefits Register maintained by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) for free. The information available includes whether a scheme member has any unclaimed benefits and, if so, the name and contact number of the trustee with which the benefits are placed. Please visit the following website for details:

When scheme members reach the age of 65, they can consider whether to withdraw their MPF in a lump sum or by instalments, or to keep the benefits in the existing scheme for further investment. Before making any decision as regards the amount and timing of withdrawal of MPF benefits, scheme members should take into consideration their personal needs, risk tolerance level and financial circumstances.

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