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Learn More About MPF Regulations

Learn More About MPF Regulations

Do part-time employees need to make MPF contributions? Do employers have to enrol employees into an MPF scheme if they are employed less than 60 days? Do employers need to make MPF contributions for employees starting from the first day of employment?

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you may have thought about questions like these before. The important question, though, is how well do you know your MPF rights and obligations? As an employer, you need to fully understand and comply with the requirements of the MPF legislation so as not to breach the law. As an employee, understanding the legislation ensures that you are better able to protect your rights and recognize when your employer has not met its MPF responsibilities. Test your knowledge below with some of the most commonly asked questions regarding MPF regulations.


Do employers need to enrol their part-time employees in an MPF scheme and make contributions if their employment period is not less than 60 days?

Yes No


If an employer repeatedly signs short-term employment contracts of less than 60 days with an employee to replace a long-term contract, does the employer still need to enrol the employee in an MPF scheme and make contributions?

Yes No


Do both employers and new employees enjoy the contribution holiday?

Yes No


When the employer calculates the employer's and employees' contributions, should commission and allowance be included in the calculation?

Yes No


When the employer submits the contributions to the trustee, what other documents should be submitted?

Remittance statement Notice of participation


Can the employer make the contributions to the trustee at any time?

Yes No


Can the employer use pay-slips as pay-records?

Depends on different cases Certainly not


When an employee ceases employment, other than making the last contributions on time, does the employer need to inform the trustee?

Yes No


Is an employer no longer required to make contributions after changing an employee's status to "self-employed person"?

Yes No


Is the employer required to keep records of MPF-related documents?

Yes No


Can a scheme member apply for early withdrawal of accrued benefits on grounds of permanent departure from Hong Kong, even if the departure is just temporary?

Yes No


Can a scheme member apply for early withdrawal of accrued benefits on grounds of permanent departure from Hong Kong more than once?

Yes No

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