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MPF Investment Decision Making Process

MPF Investment Decision Making Process

During your lifelong MPF investment journey, you will need to make different decisions. Before making such decisions, you need to consider various factors to make suitable choices from among the many MPF trustees, MPF schemes and funds. Here are the six major decision points and their respective slogans :

Decision Point Slogan
1. Which fund(s) should I choose? Risk level varies from fund to fund; consider your needs before choosing one.
2. Which MPF scheme should I choose? Choose MPF scheme with care; study fees, services and fund options.
3. Should I make additional MPF contributions? Consider making additional contributions; they may give you better retirement protection.
4. What should I do with my MPF accrued benefits when I change employers? When changing employers, manage your MPF account with care.
5. When and how should I adjust my MPF fund choices? Review your needs regularly; adjust your fund choices when necessary.
6. What should I do with my MPF accrued benefits when I retire? Withdraw or continue your MPF investment? Decide when you retire.

To learn how to make informed investment decisions at various stages of the MPF investment process, please visit our MPF Investment Education Thematic Website.

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