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Your account balance

Your account balance

Your account balance displays your accrued benefits – the value of your MPF assets, including the total contributions and investment returns – at a particular point in time.

This amount is generally the aggregated value of your fund units, including bonus units, if applicable. Unless you have made changes to the units acquired, fund units will accumulate as your MPF contribution increases. The value of your fund units will be directly reflected in the value of your accrued benefits.

Value of fund units rises  > value of accrued benefits increases
Value of fund units sinks  >  value of accrued benefits decreases

(Please note that, except for those accumulated from voluntary contributions, accrued benefits may only be withdrawn under certain circumstances. For more information, please see “Fund withdrawal”.)

To help you monitor your MPF account and accrued benefits, trustees are legally required to provide you at least once a year with an Annual Benefit Statement (“ABS”) showing your account balance as of the end of the scheme’s financial year. Some trustees provide similar information several times a year, or offer other means for scheme members to access detailed information, such as Internet access, interactive voice response system ("IVRS"), automated teller machine ("ATM"), and so forth.

In order to monitor your MPF account, you are strongly advised to read the ABS and other related information to gain a clear picture about the status of your account and hence your accrued benefits.

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