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Investment Arrangement

Investment Arrangement

The trustee and investment manager of an MPF scheme are legally bound by duties and powers set out in the law regarding the administration and investment of MPF funds. These include:

  • investment of MPF scheme assets is done by investment managers that are registered with the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”);
  • the primary investment manager of any MPF scheme must be -
    • a locally incorporated investment management company;
    • with at least $10 million in paid up share capital; and
    • net assets of at least the same amount; and
  • appropriate registration with the SFC is required for the management of authorized unit trusts or pooled retirement funds. Additional expertise is necessary if the fund invests in financial derivatives.

Investment manager may delegate its investment management functions to other investment managers that are authorized by recognized regulatory authorities and are associated with a Hong Kong-based investment manager.

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