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Disclosure of Information

Disclosure of Information

A member of an ORSO scheme has the statutory right to seek information about the scheme from the employer or the designated person of the scheme. The pertinent details to which scheme members are entitled include:

  • the criteria and conditions of membership;
  • the specifics of the scheme’s operations, including how contributions are calculated, what benefits are payable and the conditions for payment;
  • any amendments made to the scheme;
  • an annual statement of the member’s vested benefits and the benefits the member can expect to receive upon retirement in respect of qualifying service already rendered (to be made available within six months after the end of the scheme’s financial year);
  • the aggregate market value of the scheme’s total assets and the particulars of certain investments of the scheme;
  • the termination of the scheme (to be made known within 14 days of the commencement of the termination process); and
  • when the member leaves employment, the particulars of the relevant benefits under the scheme (to be provided within three months after termination of employment).

A member also has the right to obtain, through the consultative committee, a copy each of the updated scheme instruments, the latest audited accounts and report of the scheme, and the most recent actuarial certificate relating to the scheme, if any. If no consultative committee has been formed, the member has the right to inspect these documents.

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