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Continuing Training

Continuing Training

To ensure that intermediaries meet continuing training requirements, MPFA requires subsidiary intermediaries (“SIs”) to undertake Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) activities and that it be completed within a set time period.  For details of CPD requirement, please refer to the Guidelines on Continuing Training for Subsidiary Intermediaries.

This helps SIs maintain and enhance their expertise in the MPF System and related areas.
  • All SIs are required to undertake a minimum of 10 hours of CPD activities in each calendar year.
  • At least two CPD hours must be devoted to core subject areas.
  • All core CPD activities must be approved by MPFA.
  • See List of Currently Approved MPF Core CPD Activities

Consequence of Non-compliance

If an SI fails to attend CPD or other continuing training specified by MPFA, its registration status may be suspended or revoked.

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