Request for Personal Account Information

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Form Details

Personal Account Information Enquiry Form (Scheme Member)

Personal Account Information Enquiry Form (Deceased Scheme Member)

Personal Account Information Enquiry Authorization Form

e-Enquiry of Personal Account - Access your account information at anytime and anywhere

Scheme members may register for the e-Enquiry of Personal Account (ePA) service via the mobile application (MPFA ePA) or ePA website. To protect the personal data of scheme members, verification of identity by the MPFA is required and scheme members may choose to:

  1. Provide copies of his/her Hong Kong Identity Card & residential address proof of recent three months for identity verification upon online application and activate his/her account; or
  2. Visit one of the MPFA’s offices for identity verification by presenting his/her Hong Kong Identity Card and and activate his/her account.
Please click here for more information on ePA service.

Last Revision Date: 05/07/2017