Who is a Self-employed Person

Who is a Self-employed Person ("SEP")?

A self-employed person ("SEP") is a person who earns income from the production of or trade in goods or services in a capacity other than an employee. If you are a sole-proprietor of or partner in a business, you are regarded as an SEP under the MPF System. Irrespective of how much your relevant income is or whether a business registration has been obtained, if you are an SEP at least 18 but under 65 years of age, you have the legal obligation to enrol yourself into an MPF scheme. You should also make mandatory contributions, subject to the minimum and maximum relevant income levels, to the scheme.

If you are both an SEP and an employer concurrently, apart from enrolling yourself in an MPF scheme as an SEP, you should also take up your obligations as an employer by enrolling your employees into an MPF scheme and making mandatory contributions for them. Please visit here for more information on employer obligations.

If you are both an SEP and an employee concurrently, you have to enrol twice. As an SEP, you have to enrol yourself in an MPF scheme. As an employee, your employer must enrol you in an MPF scheme and make mandatory contributions on your behalf.